MessengerPeople: 10 million people already communicate with businesses using messenger services

Cloud communications company, MessengerPeople, has analysed it’s users (whom send 18 million messages per day) to offer insights into consumer and enterprise preferences as messaging moves into the mainstream of customer experience. Key findings from the report include:

  • The most-used channel for messenger communication is WhatsApp with 87% of users subscribing to messaging app newsletters on WhatsApp, 7% on Facebook Messenger, 5% on Instagram, and 1% on Telegram
  • Links sent in chat app newsletters have an average click through rate of 32% whilst the unsubscribe rate for messaging app newsletters is 0.1% (in e-mail it’s 0.5%)
  • Companies received over 117 million inquiries from users over messaging apps – 98% over WhatsApp
  • 62% of all companies answer customer inquiries within 24 hours
  • 44% of all customer inquiries are answered by Chatbots
  • Customer service chatbots on average say ‘thank you’ 636 times per day

We all know that speed is the most important thing in customer service. Messaging apps as a medium have a huge advantage in this regard, because people are used to quick responses. We see that the majority of businesses have understood this point and can successfully implement it.

Matthias Mehner, CMO, MessengerPeople

The complete study can be downloaded here