Melrose Labs to launch self-service mobile messaging gateway

Melrose Labs  Edinburgh based Melrose Labs is launching a cloud-based mobile messaging gateway on December 14 – SMPP SMS Gateway. The new platform will enable mobile messaging providers and enterprises to operate their own mobile messaging gateways and provide a host of new services to their customers, including services in the fast-growing application-to-person (A2P) SMS segment, which anlayst firm, Mobilesquared, forecasts to be worth $26bn by 2022.

By providing best-in-class gateway capabilities at a lower cost, Melrose Labs hopes to empower new entrants and spur innovation and disruption in a marketplace currently dominated by a few large players.

Existing mobile messaging providers are also keen to access the growing market for rich and conversational messaging. But they are often held back by outdated and expensive infrastructure that is complicated to operate. This is what the SMPP SMS Gateway was designed to address.

With SMPP SMS Gateway, mobile messaging providers and enterprises get a solid, globally distributed network that can be trusted to reliably provide services to customers and handle billing, pricing management, reporting and monitoring. This one-stop-shop cloud platform also enables management of supplier messaging connections.

In addition, users of SMPP SMS Gateway will be able to access other Melrose Labs services that include bulk SMS, Rich Messaging, RCS, OTT messaging, and two-way text messaging using shortcodes, virtual mobile numbers and SIM hosting.

The SMPP SMS Gateway cloud platform will be provided free-of-charge for the first six months from launch.

We believe that with access to the right technology, many innovative organisations can break into the under-served A2P SMS and OTT mobile messaging market, or address it more effectively, and compete with the big players.

Mark Hay, CEO, Melrose Labs