Mei’s mobile polling platform takes the pulse of young voters in the US mid-term elections

Mei has been road testing its new polling platform, with 10,000 short midterm election polls for Senate and Governor races across the US to its Mei app user-base.  The company aims to demonstrate the potential for the anonymous polling function to gather intelligence and opinions on a large scale through the Mei app.

Soon, Mei users will be able to conduct polls similar to this.

Polls were sent on various dates between October 26 and November 5.  Of the 10,000 polls sent, the company received responses from nearly half (4,600), the majority of which were completed within 30 minutes of being sent.

While many election sources are reporting an increase in early voting among young voters the Mei user base is significantly younger on average than the voting age population (26 years old vs. median age of voters in 2016 elections of 52).  The result is a unique perspective on how young voters can affect the outcome at many of the hotly contested elections across the country.

For election watchers, full results of the pilot test can be viewed on the Mei website here.