MainAd is an international advertising technology company, focusing on performance results accomplished through its programmatic know-how and proprietary tech, ‘Logico’. The company specialises in global display and retargeting ad campaigns, and ‘Logico’ utilises machine learning and cloud technologies to extend the benefits of bespoke programmatic campaigns to brands. Using its data-based expertise, MainAd amplifies advertising performance while delivering transparent and fair results.

Founded in 2007, MainAd is a privately held company that services international brands across 80 markets, with offices in Italy, the UK, Turkey, India, and The Philippines, and sales representatives also present in APAC. The company actively expands its services by investing in projects, such as its ventures ProfiliAd and LeadBI. MainAd holds membership for the IAB UK and IAB Italy, where the company sits on the board. MainAd is also a registered vendor with the IAB’s Transparency and Consent Framework.