Lotame Panorama ID gains support from 10 more data partners

Customer insights and advertising company, Lotame, has inked deals with 10 data partners including digitalAudience, DTScout, and ShareThis to support the company’s Lotame Panorama ID, a privacy-compliant, cookieless identity solution for advertisers.

With Panorama ID, these data partners will now have access to:

-Expanded data collection across all browsers and apps: Access to previously invisible audiences for data collection based on a variety of attributes in cookieless environments, with no additional engineering required.

-Activated rich data sets everywhere: Aggregated valuable data on the Panorama ID for interoperable activation across the open web.

-Increased value of publisher partner’s inventory: Assistance for partner monetization of first-, second- and third-party audiences cross-domain by enabling advertisers to target audiences in cookieless environments on all available impressions.

-Future-proofing the ability to sell unique data sources: Ability to continue to offer custom audiences to brands and advertisers in a cookieless future.

The current list of data partners supporting Panorama ID is: BDEX, Data Axle, digitalAudience, DTScout, Dun & Bradstreet, Inc., Eyeota, Killi, Safe-Reach, ShareThis, Sovrn, The Kochava Collective and Throtle.

Without a replacement for third-party tracking, marketers around the globe will lose the ability to collect quality data to power campaigns. Marketers need options outside the walled gardens, such as data-driven targeting, to reach consumers up and down the funnel. With Panorama ID and partnerships with data partners, marketers can find and engage in-market, relevant consumers thanks to accurate, privacy-compliant data.

Andy Monfried, CEO, Lotame