LoopMe Launches PurchaseLoop Measurement to analyse brand lift in real-time

Outcomes-based media platform, LoopMe, has launched, PurchaseLoop Measurement, a tool that provides real-time consumer brand lift measurement and analytics.

Designed for agencies, brands and publishers to measure media effectiveness throughout the entirety of their campaigns, PurchaseLoop Measurement provides brand lift analytics across media channels, including digital (mobile, web), CTV, digital audio and OOH. The solution shortens the digital media measurement cycle with scalable, actionable insights across all screens and platforms.

PurchaseLoop Measurement is now available for agencies and brands to apply brand lift measurement across all media partners, and is currently being used by Omnicom Media Group UK (OMG UK), and other agencies. Prior to the launch, customers could only use LoopMe’s brand lift measurement across its own media delivery. With the introduction of this new capability, agencies can now apply holistic measurement across all media partners.

Consumer behaviour has changed rapidly over the past 18 months, creating new challenges as brands try to measure whether their advertising is moving the needle. LoopMe provides a unique offering that leverages real-time machine learning and artificial intelligence to find consumers where they spend the most time – on their mobile devices – and measures advertising effectiveness across brand metrics in a quick and scalable way, even as the market becomes more fragmented.

Chris Swarbrick, Managing Partner – Ad Technology Strategy & Coordination, OMG UK