Juniper Research ranks Infobip leader in mobile messaging

CPaaS company Infobip has been ranked as the leading service provider in mobile messaging by Juniper Research in its new Competitor Leaderboard. The study assesses the capacity and capability, product positioning – including size of operations – financial performance, and sophistication of messaging solutions of 20 prominent vendors.

Juniper Research notes Infobip’s plans to enter the Business to Developer segment, as demonstrated by the acquisition of Shift Conference:

This could potentially prove lucrative for Infobip, as it is ultimately developers within enterprises that assess viability of, and recommend new software to company decision makers. By building a rapport with developers and offering a self-service portal, Infobip has an opportunity to boost the visibility of its solutions.

The recent acquisition of OpenMarket was also seen as a robust move to strengthen Infobip’s presence in North America, a key market for mobile messaging.

As a result of this acquisition, Infobip is in a stronger position to capitalize on the growth of mobile messaging revenue in the region. Juniper Research forecasts that total mobile messaging revenue in North America will increase from $52.5 billion in 2020 to $63.7 billion in 2025; representing an absolute growth of 21%.

The CPaaS market has evolved beyond basic application programming interfaces (APIs) for messaging and voice capabilities to address more sophisticated use cases that can be tailored to vertical markets. Since the pandemic began, new CPaaS use cases have emerged around telehealth, e-commerce and retail. In addition to the typical use case of text message appointment reminders, companies and businesses are increasing turning to CPaaS to provide better customer engagement and experience.

Demand for cloud communications over the past year has not only grown but also expanded use cases, and prompted new suppliers to enter the market, making this a highly competitive space. The current growth levels will provide a solid foundation for increased development of communication and software technologies, creating and enhancing new customer experiences. Infobip is well placed with more than 70 offices worldwide, 700+ direct carrier connections in over 190 countries and more than 3000 employees to maximize on the opportunity.

Scarlett Woodford, Juniper Research