Infobip launches contact centre CPaaS solution that unifies messaging channels

Cloud communications firm, Infobip has launched Conversations, a contact centre solution that enables businesses to operate popular communication channels such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Live Chat, SMS and in-house chatbots through a single interface. The solution is provisioned as-a-service (CPaaS) which simplifies integration and allows scalability.

Key features:

  • Automation: Slow response rates or having to repeat yourself as you’re passed from agent to agent leads to frustrated customers, low levels of loyalty and high drop off rates. By being able to set up rules and automate workflows, customers are routed to the right or same agent if it is a return visit, faster.
  • CRM and context: Agents will be able to access customer data from CRM systems, web shop, ticketing, and loyalty programs systems – with the added context of customer sentiment – all in one place. This enables them to deliver personalised and contextualised support.
  • Cross-channel conversations: Customer conversations can be switched between channels, whilst retaining a full conversation history, so agents can respond to questions with ease – whether it’s a text or a WhatsApp message – from a single interface.
  • Analytics: Managers can track customer activity, monitor agent performance with real-time dashboards and reporting to identify obstacles impacting productivity.

Conversations is also built to work with Answers, Infobip’s chatbot building platform, so that chatbots can be montored and managed (in real-time) and any difficult conversations are transferred to a human agent. Unilever has already launched a new product line with the help of Conversations – running a conversational campaign in Brazil with WhatsApp Business.

Many businesses are striving to deliver an unmatched customer experience but struggle to transition between the variety of channels and technologies on the market. Conversations brings these elements into one accessible platform allowing companies to deliver the very best customer experience while reducing costly inefficiencies.

Adrian Benic, VP Product at Infobip