DinarPAY selects Infobip’s SMS and WhatsApp services to connect with customers worldwide

DinarPAY Financial services mobile platform DinarPAY has partnered with Infobip to use its WhatsApp Business API and A2P SMS to deliver payment updates to DinarPAY customers across the globe.

Following an upsurge in government initiatives to drive the cashless economy and the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to push a rise in non-cash transactions, the mobile wallet market is expected to reach $7.58billion by 2027. DinarPAY enables consumers to pay with, transfer and top-up funds in Dinar Currency via a dedicated mobile wallet. As market demand for its service continues to increase, relying solely on SMS updates to communicate with customers meant it was unable to reach certain handsets in certain countries.

The company has chosen Infobip as a technology partner to continue its SMS communications, but also employ WhatsApp as a channel given its broad and growing appeal. Through Infobip’s WhatsApp Business API and SMS, every customer across DinarPAY’s operations in Libya and Tunisia will receive instant notifications about account updates and transactions, as well as security reminders and two-factor authentication.

Customers can also register for a DinarPAY account via WhatsApp, which offers a simpler alternative to SMS. The service is planned to launch in all Dinar Currency Dominated Markets in the next year.

DinarPAYThe mobile wallet space is booming, so we have to meet this demand by ensuring we can connect with existing and new customers quickly and reliably, no matter where they are in the world. Our customers are already engaging with apps to use our wallet, so enabling communications via WhatsApp was a natural step. Pairing this with SMS, we now have full coverage when sending requests and notifications, which we’re delighted about.

Moad ALHASHMI, Sales & Marketing Director, DinarPAY