imimobile partners with Tesco Bank to power customer interactions

Cloud communications company, imimobile, is working with Tesco Bank to enhance its customer interactions and encourage more customers to use its Mobile Banking App via the imiconnect platform which automates two-way customer interactions across multiple digital channels.

The Bank has already introduced push notifications to its credit card customers for transaction alerts and credit limit reminders, sending approximately half a million push notifications every month and is now looking to expand the number of services that use imiconnect.

Timely notifications delivered by imiconnect have also helped the bank to stay compliant with customer contact regulations. The bank also plans to use the imiconnect platform to introduce customer verification use cases as part of PSD2 regulations.

We are pleased to be working together with Tesco Bank to deliver critical customer communications. We look forward to wider adoption of imiconnect by Tesco Bank as it progresses along its digital adoption journey and hope to power more and more customer interactions while making each interaction matter more.

Sudarshan Dharmapuri, EVP Products at imimobile