TabMo’s Hawk partners with Global’s DAX for programmatic audio

Cross-channel demand-side platform (DSP) Hawk (from TabMo), has partnered with DAX, a digital advertising exchange from Global, the Media and Entertainment Group, to enable advertisers to access programmatic audio and DOOH inventory on DAX through TabMo’s Hawk DSP.

Audio publishers on DAX include Global’s commercial radio stations as well as podcast inventory from Sky News, ITV, The Telegraph and more. Digital outdoor inventory on the platform includes high-value environments such as the London Underground and National Rail.

Recently the IAB UK’s Digital Adspend report showed that the UK digital audio market increased 17% year-on-year in 2020 to a total value of £103.7 million. The partnership with DAX further strengthens Hawk’s audio offering that enables media buyers to benefit from the strong relationship between mobile and digital audio as audio advertising continues to grow.

Advertisers using Hawk can also take advantage of its multi-channel capabilities; the platform enables campaigns that integrate audio with mobile, digital out-of-home (DOOH) and connected TV (CTV).

Brands and advertisers accessing premium inventory from DAX will benefit from Hawk’s recently launched Audio Deal Request tool which provides a comprehensive view of all digital audio inventory available and enables placements to be ‘cherry-picked’ based on the target audience while offering immediate access to pre-agreed rates with partners.

Hawk was built for next-generation mobile devices from the outset, giving customers access to extensive Device ID data that can be applied to audio buys across platforms such as DAX.

As consumers increasingly use mobiles and smart speakers to access music streaming apps and podcasts, traditional radio buyers can integrate digital audio into their media plans and reach a highly engaged audience. Native digital buyers can further strengthen their media campaigns with targeted and attributable digital audio.

We are delighted to partner with Global to offer access to its premium programmatic advertising platform, DAX. The agreement completes our already rich audio offer, providing our customers with unrivalled scale across the most premium audio inventory available, and enables us to continue to lead the way in the development of programmatic digital audio and OOH in the UK.

Chris Childs, UK managing director, TabMo