Epic Games launches carrier billing with Fortumo

Sinch Video game software developer and publisher Epic Games has partnered with carrier billing company, Fortumo. Epic Games has integrated Fortumo’s carrier billing platform to collect payments for Fortnite Battle Passes, game purchases in the Epic Games Store and other Epic Games content.

First rolling out in Spain, the companies are working together to expand carrier billing to more countries and carriers in the upcoming months.

Rather than integrating and launching with each mobile operator separately, using Fortumo enables Epic Games to launch with many advanced carriers (that provide dynamic pricing, token-based charging and automated refunds) through a single integration.

Carrier billing is estimated to account for 14% of all digital gaming transactions in Western Europe. This makes it the third most popular payment method for gaming in the region after credit cards and digital wallets. Carrier billing transactions do not require users to log in to any additional accounts or enter personal information about themselves. Instead, payments are confirmed by using their mobile phone number and a 2-step verification process.

Epic Games has created an ecosystem for game developers and gamers that is high quality, engaging and fair. We are proud to be working with them and supporting both Epic Games and their partners in accelerating revenue and user growth through telco partnerships.

Andrea Boetti, VP of Global Business Development at Fortumo