Fortumo and EasyPark make parking payments simple with carrier billing

Parking technology company EasyPark has partnered with Fortumo to launch carrier billing payments for parking in Switzerland. Over 8 million people in the country can now easily pay for their parking via EasyPark parking-app, by charging the fee to their phone bill. Payments are supported for all subscribers of local mobile operators Swisscom, Sunrise & Salt.

Drivers send a text message containing the parking area code to start the parking session.  The reply message includes a deep link to the EasyPark app where users can see their parking status and extend or stop their parking.

Normally, integrating carrier billing is a complex process for merchants: every mobile operator requires a separate contract and technical integration to provide payments to its subscribers. By partnering with Fortumo, EasyPark can roll out carrier billing payments across several markets through a single contract and integration with Fortumo.

Carrier billing provides users with the most convenient user experience for digital payments. When standing in a parking lot and being in a rush, people just want to pay quickly for their parking and move on. They don’t have time to stand in a line for the parking machine or find coins.

Martin Lips, VP of Business Development, Fortumo