Restaurants aren’t tech enough for millennials

It has been a bad year for Britain’s restaurant industry, with many chains such as Jamie’s Italian, Byron and most recently GBK, all announcing closures. But new YouGov research commissioned by the hospitality tech platform Flyt shows that, for millennials at least, restaurants are just not ‘tech enough’.

According to the report (Dining Out Isn’t Dead), over a third of millennials (34%) are eating out less than they did a year ago – the most likely age group to say this – with three in five (60%) stating that this is because they want to save money. One in eight millennials (14%) don’t eat out as much because of worries about Brexit.

Here are the top 10 tech solutions 18 to 34-year-olds would most like to see in restaurants in the future:

These top ‘dream tech’ solutions put forward by Millennials underline the rapid digital transformation of our society. Restaurants can no longer look at technology as optional – integrating it in the right way is now critical to attract diners. However, I’m quite surprised that Millennials’ most desired ‘dream tech’ solution is the ability to book a table via a social media platform. This tech is already widely available in many restaurants – but perhaps they aren’t publicising it well enough.

Tom Weaver, CEO of Flyt