Adjust eBook: Growth strategies for mobile app user acquisition

Adjust eBook In 2008 the App Store launched with only 500 apps. Today there are 2.2 million apps in the App Store and 2.8 million in Google Play.

The app stores are saturated.

For marketers, this means relying on organic installs and app store optimisation is no longer enough to compete. In this sort of market, it’s clear that the key to growth, scale and profit is building a solid user acquisition strategy – one that centres on acquiring users that go on to generate more revenue than they were brought in for.

This ironSource and Adjust eBook focusses on building a solid acquisition strategy, specifically for non-gaming apps such as travel, music, shopping and news – using data from Adjust and ironSource to power our tips. We’ll explore the media sources non-gaming apps currently rely on, which high-performing but underutilised channel should be added to the mix, best practices for designing creatives that convert and more.


25 pages/download the eBook for free here.