Zong 4G launches Google Play carrier billing in Pakistan with Fortumo

Pakistani telco, Zong 4G, has launched direct carrier billing on Google Play for both Zong 4G’s prepaid and postpaid customers with carrier billing firm, Fortumo. 35 million Zong 4G customers can now pay for apps and in-app content from the app store by charging purchases to their Zong 4G prepaid mobile balance or monthly phone bill.

In Pakistan, only 21% of people have a bank account and credit card ownership is below 1% while 43% of consumer mobile devices are smartphones. This means a large part of the population can access online content, but is unable to pay for premium content.

Carrier billing resolves this problem by allowing any consumer to deduct payments from their prepaid SIM card balance or charge it to their monthly phone bill.

Pakistan is a rapidly growing smartphone market where Android is the dominant operating system. Carrier billing makes purchasing content from Google Play accessible to any Android device. We are excited about partnership with Zong 4G and are looking forward to growing revenue together.

Taavi Krusell, VP of Carrier Sales at Fortumo