Upstream launches Secure-D to help combat malware and fraud in Android apps

Secure-D, the mobile security platform by Upstream­, has launched a new mobile malware center that reports suspicious Android applications it detects and blocks around the world. The information on the Secure-D Index, currently in beta, allows anyone to find what apps pose a threat to their privacy for free. Data is openly available to the whole mobile industry, from app developers, ad networks and publishers, to media, advertisers and mobile network operators that all fall prey to mobile ad fraud.

The Secure-D Index includes app information like the number of downloads, market infection rate and markets where the app is active. It also includes a list of Android applications that have been identified as suspicious.

Data is currently available for 17 markets, including the US, Russia, India, Germany, South Africa and Egypt, covering up to 1.3 billion mobile data subscribers. The Index lists over 1,500 malicious apps with an estimate of 13.5 billion downloads. Users can check whether the apps are available on Google Play, have been removed from Google Play, or are distributed through third-party app stores. The developer and a link to the developer’s website are also provided when available.

In 2018 alone, Secure-D having processed over 1.8 billion mobile transactions, detected and blocked over 63,000 malicious apps in 16 countries. The security platform identifies and blocks over 170 new malware every single day.

Secure-D leads the fight against malware, an ever-growing threat for mobile security worldwide. We believe a crucial part of this fight is awareness, which mobile users and, surprisingly, a large part of the industry lacks

Dimitris Maniatis, Head of Secure-D at Upstream


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