UK shoppers believe in the high street but seek omnichannel experiences

A new consumer survey of 1,000 shoppers from retail technology firm, Red Ant, indicates that the high street is a good place to shop,  despite the shift online and challenging economic environment.

Overall, the results paint an encouraging picture for retailers working on a strategy for maintaining their high street presence:

Going to the shops
  • 74% said they choose to shop in-store because you can see/try things before you buy them
  • 53% stated that they liked the convenience of high street shopping, while 51% cited not having to wait in for deliveries as a driver for in-store shopping
Choosing one retailer over another
  • 52% said the ability to buy what you want, when you want it played an important part in choosing a shop to visit
  • 40% stated that the key factor was knowing before you go that what you want to buy is in stock
In-store experience
  • Most important were the ability to click and collect (42%) and simple returns of online purchases (48%)
  • Once in the store, 35% wanted to have access to the entire product range, both online and offline
Personalised service
  • 54% said they believe sales staff play an important part in the shopping experience, with 29% agreeing that they would spend more money if a sales colleague recommended something to complement their purchase based on what they have previously bought or have on their wish list
  • 38% said that they would be happy to share their data with retailers in order to have a more personalised experience

Retailers should be reassured by these results – in spite of everything, people still want to go shopping in a physical store because they can see what they’re buying and speak to a knowledgeable assistant if they need to. But retailers will only be able to capitalise on this if they listen to what customers are telling them about frictionless service, personalised experiences and in-store visits that are as convenient and stress-free as shopping online.

Dan Mortimer, CEO, Red Ant