Uberall partners with Huawei to add near me marketing to Petal Search

petal search Near Me marketing company, Uberall, has partnered with Huawei. The Chinese tech giant is launching “Petal Search,” its own search engine, which is now preloaded on all new Huawei smartphones and available in AppGallery on existing smartphones.

Through the partnership, Uberall will provide the business locations and listings data of companies looking to increase their visibility in online searches, helping them to maintain accurate, up-to-date listings and stay on top of customer reviews and social media. The collaboration will increase the reach and visibility of multi-location businesses of all sizes, and provide consumers with the most current, complete, and accurate information.

In addition to the usual search parameters, Petal Search enables users to find news, weather forecasts, videos, and shopping options; as well as book appointments, hotel rooms and flights, and download applications. The Petal Search and Uberall integration will go live in all 150 countries where Uberall is active, and will be available in the corresponding native languages.


We believe that mobile ‘Near Me’ search is a game-changer and has radically transformed consumer behaviour. Brands will have to rethink how they are engaging with customers who are searching locally for their products, brands and services. This partnership offers enormous added value for businesses, whether the business has just a few or hundreds of locations.

Norman Rohr, Senior Vice President Marketing, Uberall