Tutela launches free regulator service to improve the world’s mobile internet

Crowdsourced data company, Tutela, has launched a free service for telecoms regulators that provides insights into how well mobile network operators are performing against coverage expectations. The data shows not just where coverage exists, but how reliable it is and the quality of experience it provides to consumers.

The service covers a number of the most critical QoS measures including throughput speeds, signal quality and coverage. Regulators around the world can connect directly to the dataset and integrate with their own tools and systems, or use the included analysis and visualisation tools. The dataset enables analysis across all countries, and all operators with the ability to drill-down to specific areas to identify potential performance issues – both in rural and urban areas.

The measurements cover all wireless network types (WiFi, 3 and 4 and 5G networks) and include insights into download throughput, upload throughput, latency, signal strength and data usage, as well as Tutela’s core metric – Consistent Quality.

Our central mission is to use crowdsourced data to help improve the world’s mobile networks. We believe that you can only do this by having an accurate picture of the end-user quality of experience, wherever and whenever they are using their devices. By providing regulators with a free way to access and use our data, we hope to provide them with greater insight into how mobile network operators in their region are performing, including for key uses like monitoring spectrum licence obligations, or measuring user quality of experience on different networks.

Erik Tarnvik, VP of Product, Tutela