Smart Communications partners with imimobile for two-way messaging

Smart Communications has partnered with cloud communications company, imimobile, to bring two-way messaging to its customers. The deal will enable Smart Communications customers to more effectively coordinate communications across multiple channels, including SMS, WhatsApp, and push notifications.

Additionally, they will be assured that these communications and related customer data are kept safe and secure via imimobile’s enterprise grade monitoring and security.

imimobile’s platform, imiconnect, extends Smart Communications’ existing capabilities by enabling two-way consumer communications across multiple digital channels. Smart Communications’ enterprise clients will be able to engage with their customers in real-time, to facilitate new customer onboarding, manage appointments, claims correspondence, and interactive self-service all over their preferred messaging channel.


Businesses today need to constantly stay connected with their customers over the channels they prefer in order to succeed. We’re excited to be partnering with Smart Communications to orchestrate interactive customer experiences across multiple channels and business processes. We believe that imiconnect will enhance Smart Communications’ existing capabilities and help them deliver superior customer interactions at scale.

Jay Patel, CEO, imimobile