SlickText: 63% of consumers plan to share their love via text message for Valentine’s Day 2021

63% of consumers plan to share their love via text message for Valentine’s Day 2021 according to the latest survey from text marketing firm, SlickText. Texting continues to be the way to reach people with messages that matter as mobile continues to dominate consumer preferences—47% of respondents said they would make online holiday purchases via a smartphone, with 38% indicating it will be their primary shopping method.

SlickText’s ‘2021 Share the Love Survey’ is composed of responses from 1,100 participants ranging in age from 18 to upwards of 54. The survey examines consumer preferences for Valentine’s Day plans, gifts and communication methods.

Key findingsy include:

– 63% of respondents age 18 to 44 plan to use a text message to connect with people they love this Valentine’s Day. Those ages 44 to 54 prefer a phone call, though text messaging is a close second with 51% saying they’ll also send a text.
– 34% said their biggest Valentine’s Day spend will be at restaurants, 21% said candy and chocolate, and 20% said physical gifts
– 46% are prioritizing spending money at local businesses for Valentine’s Day
– 47% plan to do Valentine’s Day shopping on a smartphone, 33% on a laptop and 15% via a desktop computer
– When ranking the most important aspect of online shopping for consumers, accurate shipping updates topped the list. An easy check out experience and discounts came in second and third

Because consumers want to accomplish as much as possible using their phones, companies that prioritize mobile messaging in 2021 will put themselves in the best position to succeed. With people continuing to work from home and opt for curbside pickup or delivery options, consumers are not exposed to in-person promotions as frequently. If you miss consumers on mobile, you may be missing them altogether.

Meg Scales, CMO, SlickText