Sinch launches worldwide API for business messaging through Instagram

Cloud communications company, Sinch, has launched a worldwide API for business messaging through Instagram to coincide with the availability of the Messenger API for Instagram announced by the company at the Facebook F8 conference.

Businesses are now able to leverage the Messenger API for Instagram through Sinch’s Conversation API, a single API that lets businesses create rich and engaging conversations with their customers via a range of widely used consumer channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, MMS, RCS, and more.

People and brands are exchanging messages with each other more than ever, and Instagram (with more than 1 billion active accounts worldwide) has become a popular channel for connecting customers and facilitating customer engagement. According to Instagram, 81% of respondents said it helps them to research products and services.

Sinch had early access to the functionality behind the Messenger API for Instagram. One of the first brands that Sinch enabled was Leiturinha, a Brazilian children’s book club with over 800,000 followers. By using API-powered direct messaging the firm recorded a 35% reduction in comments of customers requesting assistance by Instagram DM’s in the first 11 days.

In addition to facilitating processes, business messaging through Instagram also speeds up contact with users who name the brand through mentions of Stories, which makes communication even more dynamic and interactive. As a result, the response time to calls related to direct messages decreased by 42%.

Instagram is a powerful channel that lets businesses engage with their customers in a simple, secure and effective way. The results from our early access trials are very encouraging as customers appreciate the faster responses and improved customer experience that the new offering entails.

Eduardo Henrique, Chief Business Development Officer, Sinch