Revolut Business celebrates 500K customers with a refresh and new features

Revolut Business Revolut Business – the business banking service from mobile banking firm, Revolut – has signed up 500k business customers since it launched in July 2017, just over 3 years ago.

To celebrate the landmark, the company has launched several new products, updated its interface and navigation, added more mobile functionality, and launched dark mode for mobile apps. Revolut is also looking to expand into US and Australian markets, making it easy for businesses to move money between continents without the hassle.

In the past six months, Revolut Business has rolled out a suite of new products including Debit cards, instant EUR payments, INR transfers, Direct Debits, Expense Management, Open Banking so businesses can link their other accounts, and Rewards that provide discounts on key services and integrations with a number of key partners including Quickbooks, Bullet HQ and Clear Books.

The updated interface, navigation and mobile functionality provides customers with an easier way to manage all their business finances, in one place. Meanwhile, the introduction of dark mode for both the Revolut Business mobile app helps to improve the readability of text, provide better contrast and reduce eye fatigue.

Revolut BusinessWe’re delighted to be helping businesses save money and time – and we felt that the milestone called for us to celebrate with a fresh look. The new structure of our Revolut Business web and mobile apps paves the way for some really exciting products we have in the pipeline. We can’t wait to take business accounts to the next level.

Nik Storonsky, CEO and Founder, Revolut