Plus launches direct carrier billing in Poland with Fortumo

Carrier billing firm, Fortumo, is launching the Polish mobile operator Plus on its local payments platform. Merchants using Fortumo’s platform can now collect payments for digital content from Plus subscribers through direct carrier billing via Fortumo’s Unified SDK.

Unified SDK connects merchants to Plus and a network of hundreds of telcos and 20+ digital wallets through one integration. Fortumo hosts and localizes Unified SDK checkout flows on its platform, making it simple and scalable for merchants to launch local payment methods across the world.

In Poland, credit card penetration is only 17% while most people own a smartphone. Carrier billing resolves the problem of the majority of people being unable to pay for premium services. Any mobile phone owner is able to charge online payments to their phone bill without the need to create any additional accounts or sharing personal data. Carrier billing payments are completed through a simple and secure 2-step verification process.

Polkomtel wants to offer services that respond to the needs of our customers. The possibility of making payments using the balance of the telephone bill is very convenient, especially when purchasing digital products. This simple service is more and more willingly used by customers, and cooperation with Fortumo will allow to expand the portfolio of products that will be available to Plus users.

Piotr Szymanowski, Director of Marketing Strategy, Plus