Ogury reports $130m in profitable revenue for 2020

Mobile brand advertising company, Ogury, has reported $130m in profitable revenue in 2020, which represents a double-digit growth over 2019. This result was made possible by a loyal and growing client base in Europe, Americas and Asia Pacific and technology innovations in video advertising and fraud prevention.

In April 2020, Ogury unveiled Video Chooser, which enables users to choose which brand they engage with on mobile. Advertisers only pay if their ad is selected by the user, among the two or three ads they are exposed to. Video Chooser has demonstrated a 300% uplift in memorability over standard video formats.

In October 2020, the company expanded its product offering to include Thumbnail Ad, a discrete ad format that appears in a precise location within the app and puts users in control of how they consume the ad. They can drag it, expand it or simply close it. Thumbnail Ad enjoys very high viewability (>95%) and video completion rate (>80%), making it the most powerful, non-fullscreen, mobile video format on the market.

Since launching in 2014, Ogury has shown incredible momentum, crossing $100m in profitable revenue in 2019. Today, Ogury works with more than 1,500 top brands across the globe. The company employs 400 people in 18 offices across America, Europe and APAC.

Ogury is projecting double-digit profitable growth heading into 2021, a year that holds the promise of being a seminal one for digital advertising.

2020 will be remembered but not missed. The $50m of funds we had entering 2020 put us in a strong position to continue innovation despite the major challenges presented by the global pandemic. With consumers spending more time on their mobile devices than ever before, our focus remains on rolling out attractive ad formats that consumers actually want to engage within a fraud-free environment.

Thomas Pasquet, CEO, Ogury