Leanplum gives Campaign Composer an upgrade

Leanplum has upgraded its Campaign Composer platforrm The visual solution for building cross-channel contextual messaging campaigns now includes further tools for marketers that improve visibility into customer behaviour.

The updated Campaign Composer helps marketers with:

  • Campaign Optimisation: Increase campaign effectiveness with automated send times and message frequency powered by machine learning.
  • Adaptive Feedback: Improve segmentation, timing, personalisation, and channel selection with real-time guidance on audience and delivery timing.
  • Journey Analytics: Understand which communications users respond to and where they drop off in order to optimise interactions and engagement.

In the age of relevant engagement, marketers are challenged to make the right real-time decisions that keep pace with customer preferences and intent. Despite having volumes of data, marketers are still flying blind when it comes to effective campaign creation and continually guess if their work will deliver the right interactions across touchpoints.

As a result, reports show that 63 percent of messages are sent at the wrong time.

Marketers are turning to Leanplum to help them scale whom to target, when, and on what channel, so they always deliver the most relevant message. With Campaign Composer, marketers can now send simple messages or enable sophisticated user journeys with increased confidence that they are delivering quantifiable impact.

Marketers have struggled to deliver contextual engagement because they are riddled with guesswork from campaign set up to campaign impact. With the advancements to Campaign Composer, we are enabling a new generation of super marketers who can move beyond generic campaigns with greater levels of confidence.

Momchil Kyurkchiev, CEO and Co-Founder, Leanplum