Kochava Collective and Foursquare partner for premium data enrichment

Foursquare Omni-channel attribution and measurement firm, Kochava and location data platform, Foursquare, have partnered to enable marketers and publishers to enhance their first-party intelligence with real-world location data. This new offering will allow marketers to power privacy-first in-house customer analytics, personalization and audience building.

Foursquare’s 800+ audiences will be matched with 400+ million Kochava Collective devices that are derived from precise real-world visitation. The resulting data will give marketers added knowledge about their customers’ behaviors and shopping habits to power more successful customer acquisition and retention campaigns. Understanding a user’s location visitation journey from their local coffee shop to their favorite department store unlocks potential communication opportunities through omni-channel media.

Key features include:

Location-Based Audiences – Identify and segment audiences based on interests and behavioral patterns extrapolated from geo visitation. Discover new ways to increase overall retention and intent to convert.

First-Party Audience Enrichment – Layer location visitation data on top of your internal first-party data to better understand brick-and-mortar brand affinity among your users.

Tailored Omni-channel Approach – Curate specific cross-media campaigns to connect your core users with relevant messaging on their preferred channel to increase overall user lifetime value.

Privacy-first data sets will continue to become more important as the digital advertising space evolves. Our partnership with Foursquare adds a new layer to helping marketers understand their core audience and deliver relevant messaging wherever they are.

Brian Cox, General Manager, Kochava Collective