ITC Infotech and partner to help consumers take control of their personal data

 ITC Infotech and have announced a partnership to deliver solutions that not only provide the end user with a single view of all their data but also put them in complete control of that data and its sharing rights.

ITC Infotech and, will collaboratively design innovative technology solutions that aim to leverage data from across the consumer’s lifestyle, health, and social media behavior in order to enable better personal insights while providing propositions uniquely tailored to their specific needs.

This mutually beneficial partnership provides with scale for their technology operations as well as access into newer markets and customers.

Data is one of the biggest enablers of technology and growth, but there has long been debate over its control versus individual privacy. is pioneering the ability to leverage technology to provide users with complete control over their data while providing complete privacy. This fundamentally shifts power to individuals by making it easy for them to get, see and share their own data – essentially creating an “Internet of Me” ecosystem with the individual at its core.

At, we believe in unleashing limitless innovation and potential by allowing individuals to share rich personal data through a responsible consent framework. With our partnership with ITC Infotech, we’re excited to see the first of many deployments of’s technology enabling ITC Infotech to create enhanced innovations for their clients using consented personal data privately.

 Julian Ranger, Exec Chairman and Founder of