IPONWEB’s DSP, BidCore, selected by Egami.TV and Speakable to expand push into programmatic

BidCore, the new customizable DSP developed by programmatic and real-time advertising technology company IPONWEB, has been selected by Egami.tv and Speakable as both companies look to expand their programmatic media buying operations to support their business growth objectives.

BidCore acts as a ‘nimble’ DSP by enabling media buyers to tailor their ad bidding strategies to fit their specific business goals and measure against the metrics that are relevant for their individual operations. The out-of-the-box version provides all standard DSP functionality so clients can scale their programmatic activity quickly and cost-effectively. As users’ businesses and buying needs mature, they can work with IPONWEB to fully customize BidCore to meet evolving buying requirements.

Video content platform Egami.tv provides publisher websites with dynamic and contextually relevant video content; partnerships with TV networks enable it to operate as a video distribution platform that runs campaigns for major brand advertisers. Starting with the standard version of BidCore, which was operational within 24 hours, Egami.tv later worked with IPONWEB’s team to design a proprietary buying strategy focused on maximizing video completions. This enabled Egami.tv to grow the supply volumes of programmatic inventory available to its clients (predominantly in the US) and scale up its business operations.

Growing our business requires that we expand our audience reach; BidCore has enabled this by increasing our access to quality programmatic video inventory. It has also allowed us to optimize our buying of viewable inventory, and increase our ad completion rate by 45%.

Brian Bennett, CEO of Egami.tv

Social action company, Speakable, uses technology to make it easier for people to participate in civic engagement – whether by donating, signing a petition or emailing a policymaker – within the ad creative. It buys media on behalf of not-for-profit organizations and socially engaged brands via direct publisher relationships.

Aligning its creatives with relevant editorial and driving interactivity with its unique formats is critical for Speakable; using BidCore, it was able to source supply from over 50 SSP partners and more than 120 directly integrated publishers to find inventory that connected its unique interactive experiences with relevant content and audiences. It also worked with the BidCore team to develop custom metrics that tracked various user interactions inside its creative formats, which could feed bespoke optimization strategies aimed at maximizing user engagement.

We have raised our game with BidCore. It is highly sophisticated but easy to use, and comes with extensive customer support. We have been able to develop ad buying strategies customized for our specific business needs and track whether they are working – as a result of this optimization we are seeing performance levels that are far better than standard ads and constantly improving.

Drew Schutte, CEO, Speakable