Cloudbanter launches My Rewards for mobile users looking to get something back for their data

Cloudbanter is offering mobile users the opportunity to gain rewards such as cash back, SMS, airtime, data allowance and more, in return for the data they give up to advertisers and content providers on their phones.

Cloudbanter’s incentive points rewards scheme (My Rewards) offers mobile users the chance to accumulate points in return for accepting fixed banner adverts, content, offers, discounts and promotions at the bottom of their Cloudbanter messaging and other apps screens.

The scheme provides significant acquisition and retention opportunities to mobile operators, app providers and OEMs whilst brands and advertisers can take advantage of previously under-utilized mobile screens and reach groups of users who have opted into adverts and content based upon their user profile and preferences.

It’s become more apparent than ever that mobile operators, app providers and OEMs need to take significant action in order to monetize their services more effectively – indeed, the industry has suggested that 2018 will be the defining year for mobile operators as they fight to remain relevant and drive greater engagement with customers.

Graham Williams, CEO, Cloudbanter