AppsFlyer launches Xpend to help marketers aggregate cost data

ApppsFlyer Advertising attribution company, AppsFlyer, has launched Xpend, the company’s new cost aggregation product that supports complex schema and data mapping to help tackle the complexities of fragmented data costs. With the industry shifting towards a more aggregate way of measuring marketing efforts, the importance of having an accurate, complete, and actionable cost aggregation solution has become paramount.

Xpend covers 100% of marketers’ spend data from any source, and provides access to granular data enabling them to act fast on their spending goals, accurately optimize ad spend, and ultimately make smarter and more informed decisions.

Marketers are familiar with the tedious setbacks associated with fragmented data such as manually entering in weekly spend reports for hundreds of channels and sources, pulling together endless spreadsheets, filling in missing gaps, and correcting wrong data. As marketers strive to keep up with growing scale and data complexity, Xpend allows them to access all of their data in one innovative in-house solution to accurately optimize their marketing spend.

With industry updates focused around privacy and security ahead, using cost data tied to attribution links alone may no longer be considered a reliable solution on its own. This is why combining privacy-centric attribution with aggregating cost data directly through API integrations with partner networks is a critical solution for marketers.

Xpend provides marketers a comprehensive way to access all cost data and streamline it into an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process, which aligns various schema of data into a single model that makes the data easy to aggregate, analyze, and optimize. Additionally, Xpend is integrated with 60+ APIs, including Facebook, Google, AppLovin, and recently added Twitter & Tencent Marketing Solutions.

speachThere are hundreds of channels and ad networks, multiple sources that have tens of thousands of campaigns and millions of keywords and creatives. As data is limitless, keeping track of it all can be a massive challenge for marketers and apps developers. Adding currencies into the mix creates an additional level of information that needs to be analyzed efficiently to produce actionable insights. Xpend enables marketers to easily access this data in one marketing platform, seamlessly tying attribution and cost.

Gal Ekstein, General Manager EMEA and LATAM, AppsFlyer