BIMA appoints Chris Mellish as President at “critical time for digital sector”

BIMA, the industry association representing the digital and interactive media industry, has appointed CEO of TMW UNLIMITED, Chris Mellish as its new President.

Mellish, who succeeds Natalie Gross and Tarek Nseir in his new role, is acutely aware that his presidency coincides with a “critical time for the digital sector.”

“The government needs to do an incredible amount to support both business and individuals, otherwise the economic consequences could be severe for many in our industry,” he said.

Keen to point out the particular challenges faced by one part of the sector, Mellish added: “Small agencies are often the starting point for many people’s careers, they are the lifeblood of our industry if you like. This virus doesn’t discriminate by industry sector, so the government needs to provide comprehensive support across all areas, for both brands and agencies. But support for smaller agencies through the coming months is what would be of most use to our industry.”

Far from being purely a government problem, Mellish knows BIMA and the wider industry also has a major role to play. “These strange and challenging times are forcing brands and agencies into re-shaping their relationships, some of which have been established over many years. Helping both sides of our membership think creatively about how they can do this while continuing to support each other is something we should be focusing on.”