DMI delivers enterprise mobile inspection and audit platform as a service (IPaaS)

DMI, the global leader in enterprise mobile solutions announced today the availability of its Inspection Platform as a Service (IPaaS) offering which streamlines the job of inspectors and auditors, increasing their efficiency.

The solution accelerates the filing of required reporting and notices and importantly creates a normalised set of data that can be used for analytics and reporting, inspection and audit.

Our clients have hundreds and in some cases thousands of personnel performing inspections and audits as part of their mission. We provide these personnel with a mobile app that runs on a mobile tablet and allows them to obtain the data that they need to gather on-the-spot via text, voice, video, image or sensor inputs, validate that data against enterprise systems in real-time, share the data collected with other inspectors or auditors in-real time and immediately generate and submit the appropriate regulatory and corporate filings.

Scott Deutschman, Corporate Development Officer, DMI

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