Digi.me partners with UBDI to enable consumers to monetise their own data

Personal data security platform, Digi.me, has partnered with UBDI to launch the first ethically-sourced data monetisation program for individuals. The partnership will take on companies like Facebook, Google, and thousands of data brokers by allowing people to profit by sharing anonymised, aggregated insights from their data in the $50 billion market research industry.

Digi.me’s private data sharing platform allows individuals to securely import and store encrypted data from thousands of sources. Members of the UBDI community will use digi.me to share trend data about their purchases, financial transactions, entertainment preferences, social media accounts, medical history, wearables, and other sources.

UBDI uses digital currency similar to Bitcoin to provide members a stake in the profit generated from the community’s data and will have a capped supply of 10 billion digital tokens.

UBDI has reserved up to 1,000 UBDI tokens for each of the first million people who sign up to the market research community and up to 10,000 UBDI tokens for the first 10,000 developers who integrate with UBDI or build a new app. Companies must purchase UBDI to pay for access to the data, driving up its value.

UBDI sources data directly from people and compensates them, an approach which is a transparent and ethical replacement for online surveillance and data brokers. This ethical method is not only preferred by regulators and consumers – it results in more accurate market research and insights for businesses.

Julian Ranger, Founder of digi.me

People deserve their fair share from the data they generate every day. We welcome forward-looking companies and developers to team up with their customers to do the right thing. The market research industry is just the first of many data-driven industries that have to change.

Dana Budzyn, CEO and co-founder of UBDI

Individuals can join the UBDI community at ubdi.co. The only technology required is a smartphone to download the digi.me app.