DeltaDNA launches cross-promotion tools to transform player engagement across multiple mobile games

Deep-data analytics and player marketing platform, deltaDNA, has launched a set of cross-promotion tools designed to extend player lifetime values and transform user acquisition for publishers and developers with a portfolio of mobile games.

Typically, cross-promotion in mobile games is limited to simple matching by game genre as most publishers and developers only have the tools to access basic-level player data. With deltaDNA, developers can access rich data within a single player view, to detect imminent player churn, accurately diagnose the issue behind it and act on those insights to promote only the most relevant content to their players at the right moment.

DeltaDNA’s cross-promotion tools enable publishers to tag their games with a common identifier, so that any activity triggered by a unique user in any tagged game can be recorded and analyzed as part of a larger dataset.

This gives game-makers the power to optimize the player experience from a multi-game perspective and use the platform’s in-game messaging functionality to convert players from one game to the next, extending the lifetime value of the player and allowing higher returns from user acquisition campaigns.

DeltaDNA’s analytics tools enable game-makers to significantly improve the ROI through better retention and monetization, leaving more money to further re-invest in UA, thus exponentially increasing the potential success of these games as both standalone and members of a portfolio.

Cross-promotion is a term that has been familiar to marketers for years but in mobile games, it’s both groundbreaking and incredibly valuable. The launch of our cross-promotion tools signifies a sea change in how players can be managed across multiple games. This enables game-makers to think of the player journey in a more sophisticated way, taking in their whole portfolio. The rapid adoption of this new functionality by our clients shows that this is the next stage in the continued drive to enhanced player experiences.

Mark Robinson, CEO, deltaDNA