Covatic partners with CACI to enable on-device Acorn segmentation

Privacy first technology company, Covatic, has partnered with CACI, to combine its new privacy focussed A-Type solution, with CACI’s detailed Acorn segmentations and on-device targeting.

Covatic’s recently launched A-Type solution provides audience segments without tracking users. GDPR, CCPA and Apple ATT safe, it does not require users to login and now combines CACI’s powerful consumer classification, Acorn.

A-Type uses Covatic’s on-device processing to allocate groups of users to relevant third-party socio-demographic data, without exposing any form of ID, identifying highly relevant audiences for advertisers.

Contextual advertising and on-device processing is more important than ever when it comes to building a sustainable digital ecosystem. With consumers placing more importance on their privacy and the broader industry realising the importance of respecting user’s data – the media industry is becoming empowered to act. This partnership between CACI and Covatic is a great example of how it is possible to deliver targeted advertising and engagement, while using CACI’s powerful data and Covatic’s approach to preserving user privacy by doing everything on device.

Nick Pinks, CEO, Covatic