Covatic launches ID and privacy focussed advertising solution – A-Type

Techstars backed technology company, Covatic, has launched Covatic A-Type, a new solution for the ID and privacy challenges currently faced by the digital advertising industry. The product enables publishers and apps to maintain and grow digital revenues while preserving user privacy and meeting tightening industry data standards.

A-Type uses Covatic’s on-device processing to allocate groups of users to relevant third-party socio-demographic data, such as CACI ACORN or Experian MOSAIC segments, without exposing any form of ID. This creates highly relevant and sellable audiences. The solution is designed to be GDPR, CCPA and ATT safe and doesn’t need users to login, which means clients can make their entire user base addressable.

Regulators and industry players — particularly Apple and Google — are moving to protect user privacy by blocking excessive online data collection practices. This is great for consumers but presents a huge challenge to the digital ad industry. To date, most responses have focussed on first-party, contextual or cohort-based solutions. Covatic’s solution differs because insights are gained from the ‘real world’ and processed on-device to ensure no personal data is ever shared.

This launch marks a pivotal next stage in our journey. Covatic has been focused on refining its suite of products and delivering value to clients. Contextual advertising and on-device processing is more important than ever when it comes to building a sustainable digital ecosystem. It is clear that on-device will be a major part of any overall solution.

Nick Pinks, CEO, Covatic