Intalink and Corethree redesign mobile ticketing for Hertfordshire buses

Hertfordshire County Council is collaborating with mobile ticketing and payments firm, Corethree on the redesign of its mobile ticketing option via Intalink (a body set up to manage partnerships between local authorities and public transport services).

Intalink has retained Corethree to upgrade and develop a reliable, secure and dynamic m-ticket option that will enable operators to improve the travel experience for their customers.

As part of the deal Corethree will also create a mobile ticketing app. Users will be able to select their operator from their mobile home screen, check when their bus is expected to arrive using real-time GPS data, and purchase their ticket.

In addition to m-tickets and live real-time Information, Corethree’s strength is in its ability to offer insights based on passenger data. When operators know how their customers are using their services, they will be better positioned to make improvements as well as take advantage of targeted mobile marketing opportunities.

Matthew Lale, Passenger Transport Manager at Hertfordshire County Council

Bus operators in Hertfordshire know their business is all about how fast tickets sell, enabling fast boarding and alighting, and managing queues. M-tickets help with all these pain points and in addition provide unrivalled visibility into the entire lifecycle of each ticket.

Ashley Murdoch, CEO of Corethree