enables WeChat Pay for European businesses

Conversational commerce company,, has launched WeChat Pay for its European customer base, to tap the preferred messaging, commerce and payments channel for Chinese consumers (which numbers over a billion users for everyday purchases and social activities).

The solution uses WeChat Pay via a QR code, for both online and offline purchases.

The continued expansion of the middle class in China has fueled increased interest in European goods and services. As a result, the demand for payment methods that are second nature to the Chinese market, has grown for both online and in-store purchases. And for Chinese consumers, the right payment methods ultimately smooth the purchase decision.

A survey by Nielsen shows that 92% of Chinese consumers are more likely to pay with their smartphones. If more merchants were to use WeChat Pay, alongside other mobile payment solutions, 89% of the survey participants said they would be more likely to shop in Europe and spend more.

The Chinese market is some way ahead when it comes to seamless integration of payments. Consumers in China use one single app to satisfy most of their daily needs. They use WeChat to message friends, buy groceries or book a doctor’s appointment. This method is already the standard for Chinese shoppers, but it’s yet to be discovered and fully leveraged by European merchants. This is why we are adding WeChat Pay to our suite of conversational commerce solutions. We are determined to open new avenues and windows of opportunity for our European customers and make it easier for international shoppers to enjoy European products.

Jeroen van Glabbeek, CEO,