Cloudbanter lets users monetise personal data in exchange for AI powered ads in messaging apps

Mobile technology provider Cloudbanter is offering mobile users a unique new way of utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) within its messaging, apps and phone technology.

Cloudbanter technology, which is available through a range of platforms including AI Messages, the AI SDK Toolkit and AI Phone apps, allows users to monetize their user data and receive tangible rewards and incentives for accepting a fixed banner at the bottom of the app screen for adverts and content.

It is now powered by AI capabilities which can match, track and learn user activity, behaviour and lifestyle trends within the app to make adverts and content even more relevant and beneficial to the user.

Adverts and content delivered to the user’s screen as a fixed banner are based on their profile and preferences. Individuals opt-in to the service and select criteria, meaning all banners are personalized, unobtrusive, real-time, contextual, location and lifestyle-based.

Cloudbanter’s new AI capabilities mean adverts and content can be refined and personalized even further utilizing this technology to learn and adapt what is delivered based on user activity, interactions and behaviour as well as defined choices and interests. AI capabilities are also utilized within the AI Messages app to automatically sort and segment the user’s contacts and messages based upon conversations, saving time and enhancing the overall messaging experience.

Embedding AI into the Cloudbanter AI Messages, AI SDK Toolkit and AI Phone apps was the obvious next step for our technology. We can offer each user their own personal AI functionality and experience within each app, helping it to learn and refine user preferences so all adverts and content are highly relevant and beneficial to them.

Graham Williams, CEO, Cloudbanter

Cloudbanter’s monetization and personalization technology can be used within messaging (SMS, IM Chat and Voice) and apps (Customer Care, Money, Internet TV, IoT, etc) and all phone usage, helping mobile operators and app providers to monetize services more effectively to increase revenue and reduce churn rate, and the user to enhance their mobile experience via adverts and content based on their profile and preferences.

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