Cloudbanter introduces My Rewards scheme in exchange for personal data

Mobile technology provider Cloudbanter is offering mobile users rewards such as cashback, SMS, airtime and extra data in return for the personal data that they give up to advertisers and content providers on their phones.

Cloudbanter’s ongoing user incentive points rewards scheme (My Rewards) offers mobile users the chance to accumulate points in return for accepting fixed banner adverts, content, offers, discounts and promotions at the bottom of their Cloudbanter messaging and other apps screens.

The solution provides significant user acquisition and retention to mobile operators, app/vertical providers and OEM/manufacturers who have the opportunity to tap into the ever-growing appetite for mobile advertising solutions based on personal data, regain heavily eroded revenues, enhance the user experience and win back customer loyalty.

From the perspective of global brands, advertisers and content providers, the technology presents an opportunity to take advantage of previously under-utilized mobile screens and reach groups of users who have opted in to adverts and content based upon their user profile and preferences.

Adverts and content within Cloudbanter messaging and other apps screens offer the ideal solution for mobile operators, app/vertical providers and OEM/manufacturers struggling with the challenge of keeping customers engaged, driving greater revenue per user and reducing churn rate.

Graham Williams, CEO, Cloudbanter