Cloudbanter’s technology monetizes and personalizes mobile messaging (SMS, IM Chat and Voice), apps (customer care, money, internet TV and IOT, etc) and phones – unlocking immense incremental revenues for mobile operators, app/vertical providers and OEM/manufacturers – and delivers contextual and relevant content via a highly targeted, intention and permission-based channel for advertisers and content providers.

Cloudbanter’s AI monetization and personalization platform is accelerating the shift towards programmatic real-time and targeted mobile advertising and content inventory. Mobile users receive user incentives and rewards based redemption scheme and profile & preference based lifestyle experience of adverts, content, offers, discounts and promotions all powered by artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Cloudbanter works with the most innovative mobile operators, app/vertical providers, OEM/manufacturers, ad exchanges/ad networks, advertising agencies & content providers worldwide. Mobile digital marketing has become the driving transformative force in global commerce, and Cloudbanter optimizes the driving channels and strategy.