Case study: EasyPark improves app conversions with user insights from Mixpanel

Quick stats
  • 14% increase in completion rate
  • 25% increase in page views using Notifications
  • 33% decrease in registration time

Parking app, EasyPark helps its drivers discover and book convenient and safe car parking in cities throughout Europe and Australia. Good practice means understanding how its customers are using its app – an intimate understanding of user-data to improve the user experience.


EasyPark needed to be as quick and snappy as possible, and the product, engineering, marketing, and growth teams knew the success of their app was conditional on this. The company needed to optimise not only its on-boarding process but also how it organised its user-data which inhabited silos all over the place – in Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, AdWords, Google Sheets, Excel, and NPS survey tool.


The company integrated with behavioural analytics and engagement firm, Mixpanel, which led to improvements in four core areas:

Registration time
With Mixpanel’s core reports, EasyPark identified an activation problem (users downloading the app and not using it) that it pinpointed to the registration time . By working through the problem EasyPark reduced the average time take by from app open to parking completion by 33%.

Making product discoveries with data
EasyPark only has a few short in-app moments to understand how its product is being used. With Mixpanel, it discovered that people who used its in-app map perform twice as many parks, enabling the product team to prioritise the map as a pivotal product feature.

Empowering executives with funnels
In addition, product and engineering, teams use Mixpanel’s Funnels feature to measure, test, and iterate product functionalities, flows, and new features. And at an executive level, Funnels provide critical topline metrics for EasyPark’s leadership team.

Bringing the ‘wow factor’ with Notifications
EasyPark uses Mixpanel Notifications to send out multiple SMS notifications and some push notifications to drive users to act, but these notifications were previously impossible to track. The company had no idea how effective they were. Integration with Mixpanel provided the analytics to test their efficacy and attribute actions to every individual user by name, phone number, email, and an activity log.


With Mixpanel, pulling actionable insights from user-data completely changed the game for EasyPark.  Since integration the company has experienced:

  • 14% increase in completion rate
  • 25% increase in page views using Notifications
  • 33% decrease in registration time

It’s not just a data point. It’s an actual person and a customer. Compared to any other tool that we’ve ever tried, that nuance was the biggest differentiator in Mixpanel. And as EasyPark looks to relaunch its latest website, Mixpanel is being implemented right from the start.

Meghan Semancik, Growth Consultant, EasyPark