Brand Metrics partners with Ciaopeople to enable ad insights for the Italian publisher

Advertising effectiveness company, Brand Metrics, has partnered with Italian publishing group, Ciaopeople, to enable it to provide insights to advertisers across all phases of the funnel when leveraging its premium offering: Awareness, consideration, preference and intent to buy.

Brand Metrics leverages statistically correlated variables, administering a survey to a sample of users exposed to different levels of campaign frequency, asking about their relationship with the brand. It then automatically measures brand lift thanks to a proprietary algorithm based on the linear regression model, which is used in many machine learning applications and predictive analysis tools today. The tool returns accurate brand lift data and provides reference benchmarks to give further support in assessing campaign effectiveness.

The service – brought to Italy thanks to an existing partnership with Sensemakers – is independent and has already been adopted by many of the world’s leading publishers globally, including The Guardian, The Sun, The Washington Post, Bloomberg and The Telegraph.

The integration gives Ciaopeople a dashboard to measure the strategic impact of campaigns, measuring uplift along the entire funnel. In addition to providing these business insights, the analysis enables the collection of evidence related to campaign objectives, and can be applied even on the smallest campaigns, thanks to the scalable technology.

We know we can provide unique value when it comes to advertising communication and over the years we have set out to innovate our technology and production capacity constantly, which has taken us to the top of European rankings for advertising performance.

Giorgio Mennella, Advertising Director, Ciaopeople