Throwback to MWC 2016, interviewing Sir Martin Sorrell and The Internet of Cows (IoC)

bpl 101 In 2016 I interviewed Sir Martin Sorrell and discussed some of the stand-out technologies, 3D printing, wider adoption of VR and naturally, The Internet of Cows.

Having missed out on CES, Mobile World Congress and Cannes this year I have been reminiscing on a decade of events as an attendee, a presenter, an organiser, a chair and participant in innovative panels with inspiring minds.

What did the world think of mobile back then? What predictions did we make for the future? and importantly, how many of them did we get right? Take a look at this interview with Sir Martin Sorrell and I to find out.

Sir Martin Sorrell’s prediction on VR “You could come virtual reality” became a reality for many as #CES2021 created its first “all-digital” conference, accessible from every conceivable format, platform or screen.


Regardless of the tides of time, one thing remains constant, mobile and our relationship with it. Even 5 years on from a bustling conference in Barcelona, I’m sure that we can all agree with the statement that “mobile permeates everything that we do”

We are passionate advocates of technological development and innovation, in our personal lives and our careers. Despite providing a version of proximity, I still miss the physical proximity of friends, colleagues and business partners that generates the energy that fuels our industrial engines.

Here’s to walking the floors, debating the latest industry challenge meeting you all again, soon… with much less of a focus on the “Virtual” this time.

bpl 101Ben Phillips, CEO and Founder BLP101 Consulting