Blis launches Prospect Targeting to help drive new and lapsed customers in-store and online

Prospect Targeting Location-powered advertising and analytics firm, Blis, has launched Prospect Targeting, a product that combines Blis’ location data with customer characteristics and online behaviours, giving brands a tool to find, target and reach more customers and drive them in-store or online.

Prospect Targeting works by combining the accurate real-world behaviours that only movement data can provide, with consumer data such as car and home ownership, household income and lifestyles, as well as demographic and socio-economic factors. Additionally, it incorporates online behaviours, including what apps consumers use, what websites they browse, what games they play and what times of day and days of week they use their devices. The result is deep insights into a brand’s customers.

Using intelligent affinity and index modelling, Prospect Targeting enables brands to expand their customer base by finding and targeting new and lapsed customers without reliance on personal data using only aggregated and anonymised data throughout.

In April, Blis responded to the growing crisis quickly by releasing Habits to Home Targeting to address the challenges faced by brands reaching a ‘stay at home’ COVID world. With the addition of this latest product, Blis is now helping brands rebuild and expand their audience to drive more customers in store or online at a time when boosting sales matters most.

Prospect TargetingWith Prospect Targeting, we’re giving companies an edge by enabling them to reach a whole new customer base with the precision of location-based retargeting and the scale of TV audience targeting. Connecting customer characteristics with online activity and Blis’ accurate real-world behavioural intelligence will help brands find more customers like the ones already buying and drive sales – both in-store and online.

Aaron McKee, CTO, Blis