Blis partners with O2 to bring Telco-powered Targeting to advertisers

telco-powered targeting Location advertising and analytics company, Blis, has partnered with O2 to launch Telco-powered Targeting – a proposition that uses aggregated and anonymised customer behaviour data to match websites with audience segments.

The new product, Blis Activation, uses data from O2’s five to six billion daily network interactions, allowing its advertising clients to target users based on demographics, lifestyles or life stages, who have shown an affinity towards particular brands, hobbies or interests, ultimately driving purchase intent.

According to Blis, Telco-powered targeting is the only product to offer deep demographics, mobile behavioural insights and anonymous and aggregated data from the O2 customer base, providing Blis clients with access to customers at the top of the funnel. All analysis is carried out on aggregated and anonymised data and no personal customer data is shared or disclosed by O2 to Blis or advertisers.

Clients are looking to develop more granular audience targeting at scale to increase the relevance of ads served. The partnership with O2 also allows advertisers to go deeper in conjunction with Blis Audience Targeting or Blis Location Targeting, which will improve lower-funnel metrics, such as foot traffic into stores, measuring the end-to-end customer journey.

blisWe’re excited to be working with O2 as the only company to bring this level of telco behavioural targeting to advertisers in the UK. This exclusive new offering will enrich the insights and audiences we can provide to our clients. The sheer scale of the data offers a comprehensive view of real consumer behaviour across the country, with almost a third of the UK population included in the anonymised and aggregated dataset.

Charlie Smith, Managing Director, Blis Europe