Blis launches research series on global consumer behaviour

Real-world intelligence company, Blis, has launched the first of its quarterly insights series, ‘Real-world intelligence: how the world eats’. The series, powered by the Blis Smart Platform, examines the patterns of behaviour from over 2.5 million consumers in 133,000 locations globally.

The report analyses the behaviour of more than four million mobile device signals seen in McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, KFC and Dominoes (QSRs) in Singapore, Australia, the UK and the US. It reveals that exclusivity to individual restaurants differs dramatically across the world, with US consumers demonstrating highest loyalty to their favourite food outlets than elsewhere. American consumers were also found to be 70% more likely than British diners to visit a QSR brand exclusively, while Australians are twice as likely to be loyal to their favourite fast food joints as Singaporeans.

Cultural idiosyncrasies abound. Almost half (40%) of Brits will plump for a traditional sandwich over fast-food options, giving global QSR brands a run for their money as their biggest competitive segment in the country. And the Australian cliche is to “throw a shrimp on the barbie”, but the truth is, Aussies love a burger almost as much as Americans! These two countries had the highest foot traffic to burger QSRs – 39% of American diners and 28% of Australians.

The broader ‘How the world…’ series will serve as the cornerstone of the 15 year-old company’s evolution towards real-world intelligence, based on the analysis of vast quantities of mobile location data. This delivers the truth about what consumers actually do on a daily basis – giving clients a full and accurate picture of their audience. The reports will document actual consumer behaviours in sectors such as retail and travel, providing real, actionable insights for marketers and brands looking to deliver mass personalisation at scale.

Greg Isbister, CEO, Blis


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