Blis launches Habits to Home Targeting for marketers in a locked down world

Location-based advertising and analytics firm, Blis, has launched Habits to Home Targeting, to help brands adapt their advertising for a ‘stay at home’ COVID world. The new product combines Blis’ historical audience targeting data, largely from pre-COVID consumer behaviours, with a new proprietary technology designed to identify and reach entire households with personalised ads across multiple devices in the home.

Where possible, people are currently working from home, leaving only for essential travel and usually making trips to stores alone, rather than in groups. Understanding which stores users visit, and when, is key, and reaching an entire household based on historic location behaviours meaning that brands can deliver highly relevant and effective communication to a receptive audience.

According to the firm, Habits to Home Targeting is powered by a consented dataset that adheres to the rigorous standards of GDPR and CCPA.

Foot traffic to stores and leisure destinations worldwide has seen a significant decline, -82% in the UK alone, but mobile usage and media consumption at home is increasing at an astounding rate. Habits to Home Targeting is an agile solution to a pressing problem faced by many advertisers during this crisis. Using historical behaviours, we can reach whole households at scale and help brands connect with all involved in the decision making within a home.

Greg Isbister, CEO, Blis